In Progress

Auburn Sewer Service Gravity Sewer, Phase II – Winder, GA

Approx. 13,781 lf of 24 inch C-905 PVC Gravity, 678 lf of 24-inch DIP Gravity Sewer, 472 lf 8 inch DIP Gravity Sewer, 14 lf 10 inch DIP Gravity Sewer


Sullivan Street – Phase II – Greenwood, SC

Installation of approx. 5,190 feet of new 8″ sewer to replace the existing 8″ sewer; installing 24 new precast manholes; installing approx.. 89 new 4″ to 6″ service laterals within the public right of way and on private property to reconnect to the new sewer including necessary bends and clean outs; traffic control and pavement restoration; installing soil and erosion control devices; performing complete restoration as required’ performing by-pass pumping’ and other work necessary.

Mt. Pleasant Waterworks – Mt. Pleasant, SC

Creekside Water Service Replacement Project: Installing new meter boxes, replacing service laterals, and relocating meters to new meter boxes for the entire Creekside Neighborhood. This project involves the replacement of four 2.25″ galvanized steel water mains that extend from main streets into cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood; they are replaced with 4″ and 6″ PVC.

Snowden Community Sewer Phase II: Construction of approximately 2,700 LF of 8″ and 3,020 LF of 10″ gravity sewer and manholes to connect to existing sewer system, residential sewer and manholes to connect to existing sewer system, residential services, and installation of one residential grinder pump station discharging into the new sewer main. Site restoration including protection and/or replacement and restoration of landscape/hardscape, asphalt roadway paving repairs, tree mitigation as required by the Town of Mt. Pleasant, reconstruction of existing walkways and driveways; Traffic Control Plan preparation and implementation; temporary erosion  control and miscellaneous site work and appurtenances completed as indicated.

Recent Projects



Easley Combine Utilities – Easley, SC

Clearing and grubbing of permanent and temporary right of ways, installation of 14,060 LF of 8″ gravity sewer, installation of 87 sewage manholes, installation of 135 sewer service connections, removing, milling, and replacing pavement, installation and removal of erosion control facilities, site restoration, and other appurtenances.

Mt. Pleasant Water Works – Mt. Pleasant, SC

Whipple and Long Point: 225 lf of 12″ C-900 DR 18 Pipe, 10″ gate valve, hydrant assembly, asphalt milling of trench, remove and replace concrete sidewalk, remove and replace curb and gutter, mill and overlay asphalt, sod, remove and replace 20″ BFV and GV, 6″ service repair sub-grade stabilization.

2017 - 2018

Rutherford Rd. Area Pressure Improvements– Greenville, SC

The project consisted of constructing approx. 11,000 linear feet of 12-inch ductile iron waterline, installing 600 linear feet of 8-in ductile iron waterline, installing a 12-in pressure reducing valve, installing miscellaneous isolation valves and all related appurtenances in the vicinity of Rutherford Road and N. Pleasantburg Drive.

Simms School Rd. – Central, SC

Installation of approx. 7,185 linear feet of 10″ gravity sewer and 38 manholes in order to enhance and expand existing sewer system.

Bronson Ridge Water and Sewer – Bronson Ride, LLC

Water line installation, testing, fire hydrant installation, and all appurtenances. Wet detention Basin installation. Storm drainage installation to route to stormwater to the proposed stormwater management facility. Installation of an off-site sewer extension.

Re-Wa – Greenville, SC

Installation for approx. 4,900 lf of 21-inch PVC gravity sewer, 1,500 lf of 8-inch and 20-inch Ductile Iron Gravity Sewer; installation of approx. 24  precast concrete manholes; completion of 2 jack-and-bore road crossings.

City of Belton – Belton, SC

Project No. 1- Palmetto Parkway, Haynie Parkway, and Ridgecrest Drive: Install approx. 1,614 lf of new 8-inch gravity sewer, including 8 new precast manholes along Palmetto Parkway and Haynie Parkway within the street right of ways and approx. 1,360 lf of new 8-inch gravity sewer, including 7 new precast manholes along Ridgecrest Drive, within the street right of way.

Project No. 2- McCombs Street, Smythe Street, and Woodward Street: Intercept the existing sewer near the point at which it crosses McCombs Street, and install new 8-inch gravity sewer along McCombs Street to Smythe Street, then along Smythe Street to Woodward Street, then along Woodward Street to a location at which the new ling intercepts the upper portion of the old existing line. The proposed line includes a total of approx. 1,852 lf of new 8-inch pipe and 13 new precast manholes.


Water line/ Hydrant Assemblies – Harleyville, SC

8,357 LF of new 6″ waterline, 972 LF of 2″ waterline, 8 fire hydrant assemblies, 1 post hydrant assembly, 56 service reconnections, and necessary appurtenance.

HDPE Yard Pipe Installation – Cross, SC

Provide all labor, material, equipment, taxes, insurance, licenses, and permits need to perform the HDPE Yard Pipe Installation as set forth in technical specifications. 18,000 LF of 3″ – 36″ of HDPE.

Ridgeville Wastewater Service Area Transmission Diversion – Ridgeville, SC

Approx. 3.2 miles of 12″ & 14″ diameter wastewater force main within the right-of-ways of Highway SC-27, Town of Ridgeville, and designated utility easements. Conventional open-trench force main installation, HDD of 12″ and 14″ force mains beneath jurisdictional wetlands, jack & boring of steel casing and carrier 12″ force main beneath Norfolk Southern RR ROW, dewatering, sheeting & shoring.

East Richland County Public Service District – Columbia, SC

64″ Sewer Construction of approx. 2,300 LF of 64″ DIP Gravity Sewer, seven precast manholes, two cast in place concrete junction boxes, connections to existing 64″, 54″ 42″, and 10″ Gravity Sewer Lines, temporary by-pass pumping, temporary site dewatering, abandonment of existing 54″ and 42″ gravity sewer, and all other necessary appurtenances.

Grendal Mill Village Sewer Upgrade – Phase II – Greenwood, SC

Approx. 4,690 ft. of new 8″ sewer to replace the existing sewers; installing 18 new precast manholes; installing approx. 75 new 4″-6″ service laterals within the public of right of way and on private property to reconnect to the new sewer including necessary bends and clean-outs; traffic control and pavement restoration; installing soil and erosion control devices; performing complete restoration as required, performing by pass pumping as necessary; and performing all of other miscellaneous work required to complete the project.

Dorchester County Water & Sewer – Ridgeville, SC

Furnishing all materials and all required labor necessary for pump station and designates gravity sewer and approx. 1.76 miles of 12″ diameter wastewater force main within designated utility easements. Conventional open-trench force mains at various locations beneath wetlands, a pump station across road, dewatering, sheeting and shoring, backfilling, grading, earthwork, testing and all specified.

Pump Station #5 Upgrade & Forcemain – Dorchester, SC

Furnishing all materials, equipment, and labor necessary to construct Pump station #5 Upgrade and Force Main; consisting of the following approx. quantities; 15,649 LF of 16″ force main, 232 LF of 30″ gravity line, 408 LF 0f 30″ steel casing by Bore & Jack, 40 LF of 42″ steel casing by Bore & Jack, 170 LF 16″ Directional Drilling, and appurtenances.

Rocky Creek Replacement Sewer – Greenwood, SC

Approx. 7,985 of new 24″ & 30″ gravity trunk sewer, 1,561 LF of 8″ – 18″ gravity connector sewers; installing approx. 39 new precast concrete manholes; crossing Rocky Creek and Rocky Creek Tributaries in several locations. Crossing two roads via Bore & Jack, installing soil and erosion control devices, bypass pumping.


Division I Alternate – Sewer System Improvements Central, SC
Approx. 9,418 lf of 12″ PVC Gravity Sewer; 2,022 lf of 10″
PVC Gravity Sewer; 8,281 lf of 8″ PVC Gravity Sewer; 6,200 lf
CIPP; Manholes; CCTV; Erosion Control; Asphalt Paving

Georges Creek Trunk Sewer Improvements – Ph I & Ph II Easley, SC
Approx. 2,715 lf of 15″ PVC; 1,045 lf of 16″ DIP Gravity Sewer;
28 Manholes; 3 Aerial Creek Crossings; Encased Road Bore;
Connection of several existing 8 & 6″ services; Erosion Control;
Pavement Repair

Bent Creek Sewer Greer, SC
Approx. 2,820 lf of 18″ Gravity Sewer; 14 Sewer Manholes;
Two Creek Crossings; Erosion Control; Restoration & Grassing

Broadway Water – 2012 RD – Division II Anderson, SC

Approx. 37,830 lf of 10″ DIP water line; 7,100 lf of 8″ DIP water
line; 270 lf of 6″ DIP water line; 28 fire hydrants and all
necessary appurtenances

Grendel Mill Village Sewer Greenwood, SC
Approx. 4,200 LF of new 8″ sewer to replace existing 4″/6″/8″
sewer; 17 Manholes; 72 new 4-inch to 6-inch service
laterals (approx 5,000 ft) within public right-of-way and
on private property; bypass pumping as necessary


SC Highway 11 Sewer Improvements

Walhalla, SC
9,900 lf of 10-inch Gravity Sewer; 33 manholes; 600 gpm
duplex pump station; 15,120 lf of 8-inch Forcemain;One
underwater creek crossing; one aerial creek crossing; tie-ins to
existing sewer system; jack & boring


Iva USDA Sewer Rehab

Iva, SC
Approx. 6,000 lf of 6″ CIPP; 12,500 lf of 8″ CIPP;
1,600 lf of 6″ to 8″ Pipe Bursting; 3,000 lf of 8″ to 8″
Pipe Bursting; 700 lf of 8″ Point Repairs; 670 VF of
Class B Manhole Lining; 2170 lf of 8″ Gravity Sewer;
240 lf of 12″ Gravity Sewer


Parker R17 Subbasin Rehabilitation Project – Ph I

Greenville, SC
Approx. 21,344 lf of 8″ DIP Gravity Sewer;
90 manholes; 30 frame & cover replacements;
227 service laterals including 18,419 lf of new service
lateral via open cut; abandonment of 21,076 lf of
existing sewer; 6175 sy of pavement patching;
12,668 sy of pavement milling; 24,567 sy of overlay


Pelzer / West Pelzer Sanitary Sewer System

Pelzer, SC
and WWTP Closeout
29,300 lf of 10″ DIP sewer forcemain; pump stations;
conversion of an existing plant to equalization basin;
add’l appurtences


CMOM FY13 / FY14

Mt Pleasant, SC
8″ to 12″ Sewers with the Old Village Area from manhole
to manhole; performing other sewer replacements and point
repairs; bypass pumping flows


Secondary Supply Transmission Main – Phase III

Easley, SC
Approx. 9,300 lf of 36-inch DI water transmission
main, including all related equipment and appurtenances
connections to existing waterlines and facilities,
erosion control, grassing


Plantersville Community Sewer Improvements

Georgetown, SC
Aprrox. 12,544 lf of 8″ gravity sewer; 59 sewer MH
16,647 lf of 2″ force main; 3,159 lf of 3″ force main;
5,700 lf of 4″ force main; 26,315 lf of 8″ force main;
758 lf of various sized pipe with encasement bored
under roads, 1,520 lf of directional bores under
wetlands; 10 air release; 50 simplex residential
grinder PS; 6 duplex submersible PS; 49 single sewer
services; 41 double sewer services


FY11 / FY12 CMOM Project

Mount Pleasant, SC
Replace 2,326 lf of 8″ sewer; performing one point
repair and replacing 5 defective service laterals;
performing other sewer replacements and point
repairs as identified


Secondary Supply Transmission Main – Phase I & II

Easley, SC
15,990 lf of 36-inch DI water transmission


Water System Improvements

Westminister, SC

24,000 ft of 20-inch DI water transmission main;
21,000 ft of 16-inch DI water transmission main; all
related equipment & appurtences, connections to
existing mains & facilities; traffic control, erosion
control, road bores, creek crossings


Turner Branch Replacement Sewer

Greenwood SC
13,000 ft of 24″ gravity sewer; 4,300 ft of 8″ to 12″
gravity sewer; 65 precast MH; 1,200 ft of 4″ to 6″
service laterals etc., 3 creek crossings


Mims Branch / Little Horse Creek Sanitary Sewer

North Augusta SC
12,000 lf of 30″ Gravity Sewer; 3,100 lf of 27″ Gravity
Sewer; 80 lf of 24″ Gravity Sewer; 21,800 lf of 16″
Force Main; 2 Metering Stations, 3 creek crossings