About Moorhead Construction

Don Moorhead Construction, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Don & Judy Moorhead with the desire and ambition to provide outstanding quality and cost effective utility services to the South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia areas. The business was started in their home with only 4 employees (one of which is still with the company) and at present staffs twenty employees.

Kevin Moorhead started working as a laborer when he was only fifteen years old. After thirty years, he now handles estimating on projects and other administrative tasks.

Kyle Moorhead started working as a laborer when he was seventeen years old. After twenty-five years, he supervises over all the job site crews.

Don Moorhead Construction, Inc. specializes in the construction of water and wastewater infrastructure. The family owned general contracting business has completed projects across the Southeastern United States and has grown to a large bonding capacity.